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Use What You’ve Got!

Use What You’ve Got! It’s time to step up your job search with some 21st century panache. If your job hunt hasn’t really led anywhere maybe it’s time you approached it from a different angle. Social Media: Most of us use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn on a daily basis, so why not use it to help you land your dream job. To help you learn to utilise Social Media and job hunt like a pro, Aston Elite have found you this Fantastic Article from The Guardian that not only has some great tips...

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Turning the Tables.

Turning the Tables. Just like we all have good and bad days, we have good and bad interviews. Sometimes, when luck is on your side you get an interviewer who is unburdened by other work stresses and every question you’ve been asked is one you have researched and rehearsed. Your journey there was a dream but what do you do on those days when it seems nothing is going your way? It’s easy to become flustered and panic when you feel like the interview isn’t going well, to help you turn the tables and...

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The Layout.

The Layout. When starting a job hunt the world and his wife will be telling you about how important your CV is (including us) and it is important, it’s what gets your foot through the door; your written invitation to the next step in your career but what people sometimes forget about is the layout. You may be the most experienced and best candidate for the job but how are potential employers to know that if your CV is unreadable. Having the information there in chronological order isn’t enough...

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Stepping up and Standing Out

Stepping up and Standing Out In the world today there is a lot of pressure on writing an impressive CV, it is after all your first impression to potential employers and has to be enough to get you to the interview stage. It’s now common to tailor your CV to each and every desired job. Aston Elite understands that it can all become a little overwhelming, to help you out we’ve found this Stunning Article by Amy Gallo from The Harvard Business Review on how to make your CV stand out. It’s chock full of...

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